Early in life, Dianna Goda Pursch, had a great love of nature with all its beauty. That love was further nurtured as she learned to value the beauty of the world around her and the wonder of its simple pleasures. She now draws from these life lessons to paint her meditative Sumi-e art.

Dianna’s gift of creativity and imagination helped spin chapters in her life which were enhanced by her two greatest treasures, her sons Tony and Brian. The passing years brought her beautiful grandchildren and the joyous discovery of her soul mate. Chapters later a diagnosis of MS and the loss of her father brought a time of emptiness. Then her husband was transferred to Rhode Island, where he found them a home on the ocean that he knew Dianna would find peaceful and healing. During that time of retreat Dianna began her study in oils.

Dianna continued her painting after her return to the South and several life chapters later, her granddaughters gave her a travel water color set to use on the plane during her trips back and forth to visit the grandchildren. She was fascinated with the flow of water and blending of colors on paper and she was hooked on it. Dianna decided to explore the art of Sumi-e, which is a Japanese word that means “ink picture”. She found it a disciplined and calming art filled with rituals that strangely set her creativity free. For Dianna the intensity of the art combined with her love of nature, color, texture and the concentration needed to study the art seemed perfect for her total well being. Her love of the orient and its simple beauty was extremely instrumental in her decision to move in this new direction. To everyone who has supported Dianna and encouraged her, especially her husband Timothy who has been her constant support in every way in all she has endeavored, she is grateful.

Artist Comment: “Sumi-e for me is like life, it’s a beautiful flowing circle. My work flows from my heart to my head to my hand. When I begin a piece, I never know how it will end……it just does and just like life it is complete, a flowing circle. “For me, every amazing step of both my life and my work in Sumi-e is filled with wonder, surprise and much to learn.”

Dianna M. Pursch